No Requisitions

Mystical Journey

It is very difficult

to remove

the layers of manly skin

from under the covers

in order to conquer

outside our fantasy world.

Your fingers walk

my body

filling in gaps,

smoothing lines with kisses,

bridging one space with another

until we become one

beating in two hearts.

I’ve loved you

in a way that roots me

to all I’ve been

without asking for anything

deeper that I may never provide.

The world outside of this shelter,

is too much these days

full of challenges,

but inside here

you warm my sentiments

in ways no one else can:

with surprising joy,



erotic silliness,

and contagious laughter.

You are the core to all I am not

as you bring and take,

loose and make,

the sum of whom I’ve become

when we aren’t together.

Don’t ask;

don’t tell.

It is all I can give

as your hands cup me

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Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese

Lulu's Musings

lobsterYou know that 2 pound lobster that was on my plate earlier this week?  Well, it didn’t all get eaten, and the claws came home.   Luckily, there was just enough meat in them for lobster mac ‘n cheese.

I read somewhere that Ina Garten gets the credit for popularizing lobster mac ‘n cheese, but I’m thinking a Mainer would tell you it started right here!  What makes it such a great dish to prepare is there’s no end to the possibilities. You can use a variety of pastas and the cheese combinations…..well, use your imagination!  The only consistent ingredient is the lobster, a little or a lot depending on what you have on hand.  Here’s my combination of ingredients this time around.

lobster mac 'n cheeseLobster Mac ‘n Cheese

8 oz. pasta, your choice

2 T. butter

3-4 T. shallot or red onion, finely chopped

2 T. flour

1 c. milk + 1/2 c. heavy…

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Has to be part of the search

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

I joined in 2002.

I had a long commute and I’d been buying audiobooks for a few years from Books On Tape and Recorded Books.

Books On Tape had recently announced they were discontinuing non-institutional services. Bummer. Recorded Books didn’t have much of a selection and were expensive.

Audible was a relatively new concept. Downloading was slow, but the price was good. For $16.95, I could have two books a month. I would own them, but wouldn’t have to store them. They were digital files and would be stored in my library on Audible’s server.

audible home page

Twelve years later, I have close to a thousand books in my Audible library. A few have disappeared. They may be there somewhere, but the search engine can’t find them and I don’t remember what they were. It doesn’t matter. There are so many.

A few years ago, Amazon bought Audible. For once, I was unperturbed by the acquisition. Amazon and I have had a great relationship…

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Time for a Climb

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. High Blue Sign

I’ve been doing more kayaking than climbing so far this summer so, since it is already August and I haven’t been there since April, I thought I’d visit the High Blue trail in Walpole, New Hampshire.

2. Icicle Tooth Fungus aka Hericium coralloides

Just as you get on the trail there is a dead birch tree that fell and which someone has cut up into logs. This tree must have been shot through with the mycelium of the icicle tooth fungus (Hericium coralloides), because not only do they grow on what’s left of the tree but they also grow on every log that was cut from it. This example was about the size of a baseball.

3. Hobblebush Leaf

All along the trail hobblebushes (Viburnum lantanoides) warned that fall was coming.

 4. High Blue Meadow 2-2

I was surprised to see that the meadow hadn’t been cut for hay. On this day it was full of butterflies that had eye…

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